Instructor: Mr. Chris Showalter  
Phone: 678-874-7135  
Room: FSC Bird Room  


Day 1 Course Overview; Introduction to Vertebrates; Taxonomy of the Vertebrates
Day 2 Evolution and Natural Selection of the Vertebrates; Hominid Lab
Day 3 *Bird Banding; Homework Due
Day 4 Unit Test; Characteristics Lab; Stickleback Virtual Lab
Day 5 *Lullwater Park Field Trip
Day 6 Identification Test; Amphibians (Bio-indicators); *Amphibian Sampling Lab
  *Indicates Outdoor Activities


SB4. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to illustrate the organization of interacting systems within single-celled and multi-celled organisms.
b) Analyze and interpret data to develop models (i.e., cladograms and phylogenetic trees) based on patterns of common ancestry and the theory of evolution to determine relationships among major groups of organisms.
c) Construct an argument supported by empirical evidence to compare and contrast the characteristics of viruses and organisms.

SB6. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to assess the theory of evolution.
a) Construct an explanation of how new understandings of Earth’s history, the emergence of new species from pre-existing species, and our understanding of genetics have influenced our understanding of biology.
b) Analyze and interpret data to explain patterns in biodiversity that result from speciation.
c) Construct an argument using valid and reliable sources to support the claim that evidence from comparative morphology (analogous vs. homologous structures), embryology, biochemistry (protein sequence) and genetics support the theory that all living organisms are related by way of common descent.
d) Develop and use mathematical models to support explanations of how undirected genetic changes in natural selection and genetic drift have led to changes in populations of organisms.
e) Develop a model to explain the role natural selection plays in causing biological resistance


Assignment Total Points Assignment Total Points
Vertebrate I.D. Test (S) 100 pts Characteristics Lab (GP) 100 pts
Hominid Lab (GP) 100 pts Field Walk Checklist (ADL) 50 pts
Unit Test (S) 50 pts Bio-indicator Lab (GP) 100 pts
Vertebrate Chart Hmwk (GP) 50 pts Bird Banding (ADL) 50 pts

S–Summative; GP-Guided Practice; ADL-Assessment During Learning

Reminders – there will be NO late work accepted without an excused absence from the STT office. Cheating will not be tolerated and will earn all parties involved automatic zeros. *Please wear appropriate clothing for outdoor activities.