2017 Elementary Science Olympiad Tournament
Science Olympiad Tournament

Event Clarifications

Fernbank Science Center assembles quizzes and activities for the DeKalb County Olympiad. We do not promise perfect agreement with clarifications issued for any other Olympiad, including the GA ESO.

Last Update: 02-28-2017

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Event Name

State Event


Barge Building


Note the metric units – the aluminum foil squares are 15 cm x 15 cm. (That's only about 6" on a side.) Any type of aluminum foil will work. We do NOT specify the type, so be sure your students practice with the thinner style.
Students may bring and use their own scissors and ruler; we do not provide these for this event.
Students must produce their estimate for predicted weight by hand (no calculator).
Students may do the loading and decide the exact placement of each weight.
Things to consider: Will it matter if weights are placed in the corners first, for example, or is it best to stack them in the middle? What if the weights are marbles? Is it worth trying to do something so they don't roll?

Bridge Building


We provide 1 meter of blue painters tape to each group. We will have scissors on hand, or students may bring their own. Students may bring a ruler if they like, but we do not provide those.
ANY type of bridge is acceptable – it does not need to meet the technical definition of a suspension bridge.
Students MUST stop building after a 30 minute build period.

Can Race
(DeKalb Modification)


Use only the DeKalb Modified rules provided to your Head Coach. We allow a much greater variety in the materials. We allow two runs.

Crime Busters


Students must bring their own splash-proof goggles and a suitable lab coat or covering. Iodine stains clothes! We provide plastic well plates (either 12 or 24 wells) for students to use during powder identification, or students may elect to use a sheet of clear plastic wrap.
Student may NOT bring in any sheets, including guides to go underneath their powder test locations.
Students do not need to make fingerprints, only identify prints “found at the scene” by comparison with copies of fingerprint cards from the suspects.

Deep Blue Sea



Disease Detectives


Practice Tip Sheet available on FSC site.

Don’t Bug Me


Practice Tip Sheet available on FSC site.
We allow student-made charts; there should be no printed pictures or text on these. The “chart” can also be a booklet of 2-3 sheets of paper (both sides).

Leaf and Tree Finder
(DeKalb Specific List)


Practice Tip Sheet available on FSC site.
Note DeKalb additions to list.

Metric Mastery


We will use the manual version in 2017. (In the past two years we used a version combined with “Grasp a Gram.”)

Mystery Architecture


We allow a 30 minute building time after which all groups must stop.
Students may bring their own scissors, rulers, and pliers. We do not supply these.

No Bones About It



Paddle Boat Construction
(DeKalb Modification)


Use only the DeKalb Modified rules provided to your Head Coach. We allow two runs as long as the second starts within a 6-minute window. We provide #64 rubber bands.

Paper Rockets





Practice Tip Sheet (listing subject areas and physical skills for 2017) available on FSC site.
Teams that do not satisfy the “balanced team” rule of boys and girls may compete but will be ranked below all teams that satisfy the rule.

Picture This


Practice Tip Sheet available on FSC site.
With regard to rule #5, we also allow the current “guesser” to verbally Pass.

Rock Hound


We allow student-made charts; there should be no printed pictures or text on these. Charts can include small posters to booklets of 2-3 sheets of paper (both sides).

Simple Machines



Starry, Starry Night


Students should expect BOTH constellations with stars connected by line segments and photos or representations without connecting segments. Nobody needs to bring a red penlight; our rooms do not get that dark.

Straw Egg Drop



Straw Tower


We do NOT use pins.  We provide 1 meter of masking tape or blue painters tape for each group. We provide scissors to groups that want them.

The 24 Game
(DeKalb Modification)


This event does not appear in the Science Olympiad Manual. Use only the DeKalb Modified rules provided to your Head Coach.
Practice cards are available from Suntex International, Inc. (www.24game.com)
#33976 Four operations / Single digits
#39976 Four operations / Double digits
(Both are sets of 96 cards.)
For the DeKalb ESO, we will allow students to write three separate lines for their "number sentences" or to use parenthesis to delimit the same. Allowed examples for a card with 5, 8, 4, and 7:
(1) 4 + 8 = 12
(2) 7 - 5 = 2
(3) 12 * 2 = 24
OR   (4 + 8) * (7 - 5) = 24
Parentheses are REQUIRED to delimit the number sentences EVEN IF result would be correct in their absence based on applying the Order of Operations principles. As an example, here is a correct mathematical statement that is NOT acceptable by DeKalb ESO rules:
4 + 8 + 7 + 5 = 24

Water Rockets


Parachute required. 1 m max height. No metal parts other than a small snap swivel. For Construction Rule #3, we do NOT require a straw attached vertically.

Weather or Not



Which Way's North?


Practice Tip Sheet available on FSC site.

Wildlife Safari