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Virtual Competition for 2022

The DeKalb Elementary Science Olympiad (DESO) has a virtual format for 2022. For each event, students will work in pairs at school or home. Competition during March features both asynchronous sessions at your school and optional live, online sessions on the day of the event. Our tournament is a Regional Qualifier – top teams will advance to STATE!


Asynchronous Event Period: March 15 - 25, 2022
Participants compete at school on a schedule established by the Head Coach. Answer Sheets and other materials should be uploaded to Fernbank Science Center for scoring.

Live Digital Event Sessions: Saturday, March 26, 2022
Participants compete at school and on camera, joining other schools virtually using Microsoft Teams. We will feature several of the “building” events this way to allow teams to observe the testing results from the competition. 8 am -11:30 pm

EVENTS: We have 18 events for 2022, with a list that matches that used for the Georgia ESO. (See link to Event List below.) All events have modifications and special instructions for this year’s virtual format. Coaches, participants, and parents should only use descriptions marked as “DeKalb County 2022 Olympiad”.

PRACTICE and HELP: Due to COVID restrictions, we cannot offer our popular Practice Sessions in 2022. Fernbank Science Center does offer Practice Tip Sheets for several events, however, linked below:

TEAM REGISTRATION: This event is open to elementary students attending school in DeKalb County, GA. All students must participate as a member of a team, typically school-based. Registration is required for all teams. Each school may bring one team consisting of anywhere from 1 to 20 students. At the discretion of the Olympiad Director, we allow the participation of schools from outside of DeKalb County. There is no charge for our 2022 virtual event. 

KICKOFF MEETING: We held a virtual Kick-Off meeting for coaches in January 2022. If you missed it, please contact the Olympiad Director with any questions.


Michael Dowling

Director, DeKalb Elementary Science Olympiad

Fernbank Science Center

678-874-7102 (Fernbank Reception Desk)

678-874-7158 (Voice mail only)