DeKalb Elementary
Science Olympiad (DESO)

Event Day is Almost Here!  

Teams from across DeKalb County are now actively preparing for the 2023 DeKalb Elementary Science Olympiad (DESO).

2023 DeKalb Elementary Science Olympiad
Druid Hills Middle School
Saturday, March 25, 2023
8 am -12:30 pm

EVENT CLARIFICATIONS and PRACTICE TIPS: Head Coaches for each team now have the 2023 Event Packet with official descriptions and rules for all events. Students should have a copy of these in hand before they start to practice.

We encourage all parents and participants to review the Clarifications and Tips listing below. It contains links to our popular Tip Sheets as well as YouTube instruction videos for selected events.

You can also find links to our practice materials on the web page linked below. We include some archived Tip Sheets for events not offered at DESO 2023 as a courtesy to parents and participants in other cities and states:

Michael Dowling
Director, DeKalb Elementary Science Olympiad
Fernbank Science Center
678-874-7102 (Fernbank Reception Desk)
678-874-7158 (Voice mail only)

We Invite you to join us!

Click on the video to view our DESO 2023 Invitation video.