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Fernbank Science Center

Fernbank Science Center

The Jim Cherry Memorial Planetarium at Fernbank Science Center is a celestial theater in the round, utilizing the complex Zeiss Mark V planetarium projector in conjunction with SPITZ SciDome 4K Laser projection system. These technologies collectively create a stunning immersive environment, which guide the audience through the wonders of the universe. The 70-ft diameter planetarium, one of the largest in the United States, is dedicated to teaching and public enrichment.

Adults (ages 19-61) $7.00
Students (ages 3-18) $5.00 
Seniors (62+) $5.00



*Schedules are subject to change.  Please confirm program times on our calendar before your visit.

Please be aware that programs start promptly as scheduled.  Please plan to arrive and be seated prior to the scheduled program time.

Planetarium lessons are given for schools throughout the school year.

School Planetarium Lessons

Planetarium Programs January and February 2020

Planetarium Flyer

Earth Moon and Sun

Explore the relationship between the Earth, Moon, and Sun with the help of Coyote, an amusing character adapted from Native American oral traditions. Coyote has many misconceptions about our home planet and its most familiar neighbors.

Planetarium Flyer


The Aurora is one of the greatest wonders a human can experience in nature. Experience the actual aurora with the world’s first 4K, real-time, full dome video.

Planetarium Flyer

The Sun: Our Living Star

The sun is a typical dwarf star, however, don’t be fooled by the terminology. The Sun consumes 600 million tons of hydrogen each second and is 500 times as massive as all the planets combined. Discover the secrets of our star in this planetarium show and experience never-before-seen images of the Sun’s violent surface in immersive fulldome format.

Planetarium Flyer

The Sky Tonight

Presented live by a Fernbank Science Center astronomer, this is a guided tour through the constellations, planets, and events of the current evening sky.

Planetarium Flyer

The PLANET-arium Show

Join our Fernbank Science Center space scientists and educators on a journey through the solar system in the fulldome PLANET-arium Show, featuring asteroids, comets, moons, and even Pluto.

Planetarium Flyer

Head to the Sky

Learn about the untold stories and the significant contributions that African Americans made in the United States space program.

Planetarium Flyer

Black Holes

Black Holes takes you on a fully immersive journey through one of the most mystifying, awe-inspiring phenomena in the universe: a black hole.

Planetarium Flyer

Two Small Pieces of Glass

Learn about the history of the telescope from Galileo’s modifications, to a child’s spyglass, to the Hubble Space Telescope and the future of astronomy.

Planetarium and Observatory Contacts

April Whitt- Astronomer

Mark Lancaster - Astronomer

Scott Harris - Planetary Geologist, Meterorites