Developing your School Campus for Outdoor Academic Activities

A traditional school campus has a building where students sit in classrooms, study, take exams, maybe have a few science labs, etc. A large gymnasium is also found in the building. Outside there is parking and athletic fields and whatever leftover natural environment came with the property. Few, if any academic facilities exist outside of the building, yet a typical campus profile is ¾ parking and athletic fields and < ¼ School building. The natural world outside is strange and foreign to most students and many teachers – especially in urban schools. It is this world however, that sustains us. Your campus can be a great teaching resource (at comparatively minimal cost) for academic studies and to get students excited about learning. Come and (if you can bring a map, or aerial photo from google of your campus) and lets share some ideas about how to use your campus as a teaching resource.

This photo shows a boardwalk and pavilion constructed through a pond behind one of our Middle Schools where I teach classes twice weekly to elementary and HS Students that bus there from all over our school district.

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