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Science News - Science articles from Science Daily (updated daily).

Current Weather - get up to date weather information from Fernbank Science Center.

This Week's Sky - daily events in the changing sky.

Chemistry Day - "The Sweet Side of Chemistry - Candy", showcasing the chemistry involved in candy and confections.

Fun with Flashlights - A program for parents and children age 6 and younger. Come have some fun with flashlights in the planetarium! Practice flashlight safety, make some shadows, bounce some light around, and see if you glow in the dark. Wear a costume. Bring a Flashlight!

Trick or Treat this Halloween at Fernbank Science Center

Fall Bird Walks - Fernbank Science Center, in conjunction with the Stone Mountain Memorial Association, will offer two bird watching tours at Stone Mountain Park this Fall. If you have an interest in birds, the tours will be a great way to see and learn about birds in their natural environment.

From Earth to the Universe - A new photographic exhibit capturing the magic of space.

Archives - a selection of notable events that have occurred at the science center.