Fernbank Science Center Faculty

Dr. Kate Wejnert Katherine Wejnert, PhD
Marine Scientist

156 Heaton Park Drive
Atlanta, GA 30307
Telephone: 678-874-7132
Fax: 678-874-7110

Kate began her career in science by getting a BS in biology from Southampton College of Long Island University. During her undergraduate education, she participated in Seamester, Tropical Studies in Peru, and the Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program, where she learned to love sailing, all things marine, and the tropics! After receiving her BS, she moved to San Diego State University, where she received an MS in ecology. Her research was on improving the accuracy of species distribution models for reptiles and amphibians. She then moved to the University of South Carolina to pursue her PhD, where she studied a group of unicellular marine protists called foraminifera, with an emphasis on tropical upwelling zones. In particular, she is interested in how environmental changes impact foraminifera species distribution and the chemical composition of their shells. After receiving her PhD, she was a NOAA Climate and Global Change fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she worked on tropical Pacific climate change throughout the last glacial period. Kate began working at Fernbank Science Center in 2014, where she teaches ecology and climatology.


Southampton College of Long Island University, Biology, B.S.
San Diego State University, Ecology, M.S.
University of South Carolina, Marine Science, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

Wejnert, K.E., Thunell, R.C., & Astor, Y. Comparison of species-specific oxygen isotope paleotemperature equations: Sensitivity analysis using planktonic foraminifera from the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela. Marine Micropaleontology. Vol. 101: 76-88, 2013.

Black, D., Thunell, R., Wejnert, K., & Astor, Y. Carbon Isotope Composition of Caribbean Sea Surface Waters: Response to the Uptake of Anthropogenic CO2. Geophysical Research Letters. Vol. 38, L16609, doi:10.1029/2011GL048538, 2011.

Wejnert, K. E., Pride, C. J., & Thunell, R.C. The oxygen isotope composition of planktonic foraminifera from the Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California: Seasonal, annual, and interspecies variability.  Marine Micropaleontology. Vol. 74:  29-37, 2010.

Franklin, J., Wejnert, K.E., Hathaway, S.A., Rochester, C.J. & Fisher, R.N. Effect of species rarity on the accuracy of species distribution models for reptiles and amphibians in southern California. Diversity and Distributions. Vol. 15: 167-177, 2009.

Wejnert, K.E. & Smith, A.M.  Within-colony variation in skeletal mineralogy of Adeonellopsis sp. (Cheilostomata: Bryozoa) from New Zealand.  New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research. Vol. 42: 389-395, 2008.