Exhibit Hall

Exhibit Hall at Fernbank Science Center

The exhibit hall at Fernbank Science Center spans 9000 square feet and circles the planetarium theater. Split over two levels the exhibit hall has an upper area with 10-foot ceilings and a lower level with 15-foot ceilings. Within these areas are presented numerous displays which deal with a large array of scientific concepts. The theme for the entire exhibit area reflects the slogan of the Science Center: "Where Science Becomes an Adventure."

The upper level of the exhibit hall features a live animal exhibit and a live honey bee hive. The lower exhibit hall features space exhibits including the real Apollo 6 space capsule and a meteorite collection. The lower level also houses most of the center's extensive taxidermy collection.

The exhibit hall is open daily to the public.  Admission is Free! 

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Apollo 6 Command Module

Apollo 6 Command Module

The unmanned Apollo 6 Command Module was launched from Kennedy Space Center on April 4, 1968 and recovered in the Pacific Ocean 10 hours later. The mission was the second test flight for the giant Saturn V launch vehicle and was the last unmanned flight of Project Apollo.

The real Command Module, on loan from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, is on display in the FSC exhibit hall!

Honeybee Exhibit

Honey Bee Observation Exhibit

Have you ever wondered what happens in a bee hive?  Explore one of natures great mysteries at Fernbank Science Center's live honey bee exhibit. 

Honey Bee Queen

Honey Bee queen inspecting cells and laying eggs. Fernbank Science Center observation hive.

An Emerging Worker Bee

An adult honey bee worker emerges from her cell. For worker bees, complete metamorphosis (egg, larva, pupae, adult) takes place in about 21 days. Fernbank Science Center observation hive.

Waggle Dance

A Honey Bee worker performs a vigorous waggle dance. Honey Bees dance to communicate distance and direction to sources of provisions such as nectar and pollen. Fernbank Science Center.

Live  Animal  Exhibit 

Fernbank Science Center has many years of experience keeping animals in captivity. Many of our animals are on display in a live animal exhibit. There are poison dart frogs, snakes, turtles, honey bees, spiders, and more. 

Live Animal Exhibit at Fernbank Science Center