Volunteer at Fernbank Science Center's Demonstration Garden

Want to master the art of composting? Great soil is one of the keys to successful gardening, and our active compost demonstration areas will help you learn the fine points of good composting and see how it helps create healthy plants.

Do you like working with dedicated, fun, creative gardeners? Our friendly group of DeKalb Co. Master Gardeners and FSC staff welcomes volunteers with a passion to “grow” our garden and expand our community educational outreach. Our newest garden includes a certified Pollinator Garden, an Edible Garden, an Herb & Perennial Garden, and is continuing to evolve. As a volunteer you will be involved in both planting and garden maintenance.

Do you like to weed? We definitely can fulfill your need to weed (and mulch) and our knowledgeable “weederologists” can help you learn which plants should stay and which need to go.

Do you enjoy working with others in the community? In addition to interacting with visitors we offer educational opportunities like our “Vote for Compost” day, and helping with semi-annual plant sales.


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