Eastern Chipmunk
Tamias striatus


  • Head and body 5-6 in. (127-152 mm); tail 3-4 in.
  • Weight 2 3/10-4 ½ oz (65-127 g)
  • Squirrel-like; runs with bushy tail straight up
  • Facial stripes
  • Side and back stripes end at reddish rump
  • Skull has 20 teeth


Deciduous forests, brushy areas.


Are solitary except for mother and young. Feed on seeds, bulbs, fruits, nuts, insects, meat, eggs; stores food underground. Hibernates, but may come aboveground in the middle of the winter. Their home range is usually less than 10 yards across. They can live 3 or more years in the wild, 8 years in captivity.

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