Fernbank Science Center Hosts Video Conference with International Space Station

On Wednesday, April 17, DCSD students saw a live video downlink between the International Space Station and Fernbank Science Center’s Jim Cherry Planetarium. In the live audience were STT students from nine high schools, plus JROTC students from Cross Keys, Towers and Chamblee High Schools. The students spent 20 minutes with the astronauts, asking them 16 questions on subjects ranging from the effects on the body of long-term weightlessness, to how crew members deal with separation from family. Commander Chris Hadfield and Flight Engineers Tom Marshburn and Chris Cassidy gave enlightening answers that were thoughtful and often humorous.

Images by Tony Madden, FSC

The event went live over the NASA’s web tv channel, so the DCSD students were broadcast live around the world. You can see how the event fit into the ISS crew’s day by clicking here. This video downlink was part of NASA’s Destination Station exhibit, which will be at Fernbank Science Center through May 18.