Stone Mountain Math Problems

Walkup trail

  1. The top of Stone Mountain is 1684 feet above sea level, and the start of the walkup trail is at about 980 feet above sea level. How many feet in elevation does a hiker climb to reach the top?

    1684 - 980 = ______________________ feet
  2. On a class field trip to downtown Atlanta, your class is planning to climb the stairs of a certain building. The building has 68 stories, and a story on average is 10 feet high. How tall is the building?

    68 10 = ________________________ feet
  3. Which climb represents a greater change in elevation, the building or Stone Mountain?
  4. The picnic shelter on the walkup trail is about two-thirds of the way from the start of the walkup trail to the top. What fraction of the distance remains when you reach the shelter?
  5. From the picnic shelter to the top is a distance of 0.4 miles. Using your answer in the previous question, how long is the walkup trail?

    3 0.4 = ____________ miles


  1. A school bus is 30 feet long. The Stone Mountain Carving is over 150 feet long. How many school buses placed end to end would fit on the carving?

    150 30 = _____________ buses
  2. The first sculptor began planning the Carving in 1916. The Carving was completed in 1970. How many years did the Carving take from start to finish?

    1970 - 1916 = ____________ years


  1. Seven billion cubic feet of rock are above ground on Stone Mountain. One cubic foot weighs approximately 168 pounds. How much does the mountain weigh?

    7,000,000,000 168 = ________________ pounds
  2. How many tons would that be?

    (answer to 8) 2000 = _________________ tons