DeKalb Students Visit Stone Mountain

During the Fernbank Science Center Program, "Stone Mountain Field Trip", the fourth-grade students rest from their climb.  (More classes will be added as permission confirmations are received.)

Ms. Bowmar's and Mr. Bird's class at Clifton Elementary, December 1, 1999
Mrs. Greene's class at Smoke Rise School, November 9, 1999
Ms. Billue's class at Smoke Rise School, November 11, 1999 (under the old pine tree)
Ms. Billue's class at Smoke Rise School, November 11, 1999 (Smoke Rise community in background)
Mrs. Wallace-Sherrill's class at Redan Elementary School, March 14, 2000
Ms. Guyton's class at Hambrick Elementary School, April 19, 2000
Ms. Clark's class at Nancy Creek Elementary School, April 21, 2000
Ms. Osborn's magnet class at Brown's Mill Elementary and Magnet for High Achievers, May 3, 2000
Ms. Tate's class at Shadow Rock Elementary, September 5, 2000
Ms. LaPointe's magnet class at Snapfinger Elementary, April 9, 2001
Ms. Adams' class at Murphey Candler, April 13, 2001
Ms. Stewart's class at Snapfinger Elementary, May 24, 2001
Ms. Todd's Discovery class at Sky Haven Traditional Theme School, September 5, 2001
Mrs. Mills' class at Pine Ridge Elementary, September 12, 2001
Mrs. Henry's class at Dunaire Elementary, September 20, 2001
Ms. Goodman's class at Stoneview, September 26, 2001
Mr. Greer's class at Rainbow Charter, October 26, 2001
Ms. Prywes's class at Robert Shaw Theme School, April 2, 2002
Ms. Wright's class at Robert Shaw Theme School, April 4, 2002
Ms. Huxtable's class at Evansdale, May 15, 2002
Mr. Murphy's class at Evansdale, May 16, 2002
Mrs. Collyer's class at Evansdale, May 17, 2002
Mr. Lowenthal's class at Meadowview, May 21, 2002
Mrs. C. Anthony and Mrs. K. Hill's classes at Meadowview, May 23, 2002