A Stone Mountain Photo Album

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    Exfoliation depressions near the summit

    A fine-grained (aplite) dike invades a coarse-grained (pegmatite) dike

        Two dikes diverge...

        Exfoliation depressions set in oval "halo" areas

        Exfoliation depressions - NOT dinosaur footprints!

        A ?19th century graffiti

        Joints and a dike

        Vegetation follows joints

        Joints and exfoliation

        Lichens - first on the rock

        Prickly pear cactus - suited to Stone Mountain's sandy soil

        Trees near top are usually older than their size suggests

        Once quarried, this surface is coming back in daisies

        A fat vein of pure white quartz

        Drill marks show evidence of quarrying

        Foot traffic on the walkup trail has stripped soil and threatened some trees

        Even near the top of the mountain, soil in weathering pits has allowed trees to grow