Geology Activities

StoneMountain for Teachers
These pages are intended to support a geology field trip to Stone Mountain, such as the 4th grade program Fernbank leads for DeKalb County Schools. Included are vocabulary, math exercises, a panorama from the mountain top, and an activity in which students can build a 3D model of the mountain while learning about topographic maps.

Discovering Volcanoes
Aimed at 6th grade Discovery students, these pages present a self-paced lesson, about 2-1/2 hours in duration, in which students choose and learn about a particular volcano using the Internet. Each student then writes a story describing an imaginary visit to the volcano on the day of a specific major eruption. The story can be saved as a web page.

Enjoying Rocks Under the Microscope
These pages are designed as a supplement to the article, "Those Rocks in Your Backyard", published in the Summer 1998 issue of Fernbank Magazine. Written for adults or high schoolers with an interest in science and natural history, these colorful pages introduce the use of the polarizing microscope with metamorphic rocks.

The Grand Time Game
The Grand Time Game is a collection of middle school activities to teach about geologic time. It was developed by Dr. Bill Witherspoon, geologist at DeKalb County School System's Fernbank Science Center. The Grand Time Game has been used in a wide range of classrooms.