Your Assignment in "Discovering Volcanoes"

In "Discovering Volcanoes", your task is to write a story about your imaginary visit to your assigned volcano on a particular day in its history. You can pick a day to write about that was very dramatic, or is very recent, or both. You can write the story as a letter to a friend, or as a newspaper article, short story, etc.

If you complete the assignment during your visit to Fernbank as described below, your story will be published on Fernbank Science Center's web site.  For security, please do not identify yourself by last name.  To find stories already published, go to, click on "Information for Students," then "What I did at Fernbank....," then "Discovering Volcanoes."  Allow about two weeks for us to check and publish your story.

You are to use at least 3 terms in your story (which you found in your reading) that were new to you.  Look them up in the glossary.  Explain what they mean, so that someone who doesn't know the term will understand.

Your story should answer the following questions.

The links below will help you find you what you need to know to complete the exercise.

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